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Parkinsons and Dopamine Agonists, a story !

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The words of someone who has been to hell and back and still climbing out of it. 

“Agonists are like your best friend acting nice, but in the bigger picture they have an alterior motive far more sinister than any benefit that the friendship could ever provide.

For most it works, but my experience was stomach churningly horrendous, with life long repucussions of the highest order, loss of business, reputation, family houses, economic and social supports.

Structured social  and medical supports, as well as paitent suitability given patient personailty and lifestyle,  are required that extend way beyond what the medical profession currently offers .

These supports need to look for and continually monitor for the hidden signals, behaviour changes, reclusiveness, adverse risk taking, clouded judgement,  as the participant can very easily deliberately hide the obvious signs of compulsive behaviour, which may seem trivial to those looking in, but will rock the foundations for the person who sought the benefit, ripping their insides with decay and leaving a shell of a human with nothing left inside.”

There is a moral duty of care that isn’t being acknowledged, and those affected are too proud to publicly admit that they fell prey to the fiery forks of the devil disguised.

 This could never happen to me, I won’t be judged by my friends so I’ll keep it to myself”

Agonists, DJMadonna, Parkinsons May 2, 2020

What the Dickens! I am back…..

Down an internet rabbit hole and  happened to stumble across my blog and thought why not crank it up again? 
Let me state to begin with, it still seems weird to say 'my blog' even in my head, it's a little like saying my Maserati or my Gucci handbag. It sounds so ostentatious!  The practice of writing thoughts and ideas helps to make sense of this crazy world we live in.  


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