What the Dickens! I am back…..

2 May 2020

But for how long you are thinking?! Do enjoy it for what it is.

It is, what it is.

Down an internet rabbit hole and  happened to stumble across my blog and thought why not crank it up again?
Let me state to begin with, it still seems weird to say ‘my blog’ even in my head, it’s a little like saying my Maserati or my Gucci handbag. It sounds so ostentatious!  The practice of writing thoughts and ideas helps to make sense of this crazy world we live in.
How often will I write my blog?
Perhaps a little more often than recently, which has been sporadic to say the least and piss poor to say it straight.
This July 12th will be 8 years, since I was diagnosed at 46 with Idiopathic Young Onset Parkinson’s disease, let me break it down. Idiopathic – no known cause. Young Onset – diagnosed under 50. This will be three years after the cure was supposed to be found.
People said, “It’s just around the corner”, “it’s in the labs now, in 5 years it will be on the market”.
Are drug companies interested in a cure, it seems too much money is made from the 10 million people worldwide living with Parkinson’s (PLwP).

It is often said to me that the medication is so much better now. This is only uttered by people who have no idea.  The Gold Standard is a 50 year old drug, the more recent medications, agonists, were and still are akin to poison for some people, leading to impulsive behaviour that has wrecked many lives due to gambling, shopping, gaming, sex.
“Agonists are like your best friend acting nice, but in the bigger picture they have an ulterior motive far more sinister than any benefit that the friendship could ever provide” – the words of someone who has been to hell and back and still climbing out of it.
“For some it works but in my opinion, structured social supports are required that extend way beyond what the medical profession can offer to monitor the participant. These supports need to look for the hidden signals as the participant can very easily deliberately hide the obvious signs. And there is a moral duty of care that isn’t being acknowledged, and those affected are too proud to publicly admit that they fell prey to the fiery forks of the devil disguised. This could never happen to me, I won’t be judged by my friends so I’ll keep it to myself”

The worldwide shortage of all forms of Sinemet has been going on for some time, it will continue to be in short supply until further notice. Sinemet is a widely used Parkinson’s medication, marketed by Merck, Sharp & Dohme (Australia) who are keeping doctors informed. The shortage is due to a problem at the manufacturer’s level. The patients prescribed this medication are advised to find a substitute.

This will not be explained away with a nice ending.

It is what it is.

My current work in progress, The Cornflower Quilt it is made in the English Paper Piecing method and designed by Jodi Godfrey.  A long term project perfect for the Covid19 lockdown, getting close to one quarter way there.

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