'This is terrifying': Prospective uni students say fee overhaul may put them off study altogether

20 June 2020

If you were thinking about starting a university degree in the future, you’ve got a new fee structure to take into account.

The Government has announced an overhaul of the university fee system, slashing the price of courses it says are more likely to get you a job and hiking up fees for courses in the humanities.

The changes will mainly apply to future students, with no current student to pay increased fees for the duration of their degree. However, if you’re a current student enrolled in a course that is getting cheaper, you’ll pay less from next year.

Many of you told us the changes will affect your choice of study, and for some it will deter you from going to university altogether.

For some of you, this could put an end to your study plans

Drew S:

Cathi S:

Mia B:

Jacinta H:

Lachlan D:

Edie E:

Lilly M:

But the slashed prices are a positive development for others planning to study

Aiden W:

Kelsie M:

Kate E:

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The ANU Deputy Chancellor says universities aren’t a ‘training factory’.

Gillian K:

Mikaela D:

Catelyn P:

Grace G:

Eleanor B:

Rosie S:

Lauren S”

Others will reconsider what to study based on the announcement

Kyle B:

Liam O:

Liz M:

Tony H:

Lucas M:

Some of you think the changes are a great idea

Renelle H:

Barry R:

Kathryn G:

Jake G:

Shay K:

Simon P:

Pokeer L:

Jean B:

But many others think the fee overhaul is ‘appalling’

Lachlan P:

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Dan Tehan says there is evidence fees can influence students’ subject choices, despite studies to the contrary.

Patrick N:

Robert H:

Monika O:

David D:


Emma J:

Shane H:

Carolyn J:

Johny M:

Stefan P:

Matt B:

And finally, many of you past humanities grads credit your degree with setting you up with life and career skills

Olympia S:

Lili K:


Jenny M:

Anna G:

Rachel T:

Lana G:


Ben W:

How much students can expect to pay:

Band Discipline Annual cost
1 Teaching, clinical psychology, English, maths, nursing, languages, agriculture $3,700
2 Allied health, other health, architecture, IT, creative arts, engineering, environmental studies, science $7,700
3 Medical, dental, veterinary science $11,300
4 Law & economics, management & commerce, society & culture, humanities, communications, behavioural science $14,500

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