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July 15, 2020

NDIS Cleaning Services to Suit Every Individual’s Needs

Our goal is to help participants achieve their goals set out in their plans and help them gain independence in their life. We know that every domestic setting requires different and specific needs to ensure the participant is able to achieve set goals. We want all participants to feel empowered to choose how they wish their services to be delivered and that’s why each visit will be tailored to the needs of the participant that day. We encourage open communication with all service providers, self-managed participants, and cleaners to ensure each visit is a success.

We Provide Value for Money


All of our cleaners are highly trained and experienced, and dedicate themselves to doing the best possible job for you. We also only use cleaners who are police-checked, so you can feel completely safe and confident letting us into your home.

In addition, we are fully insured, giving you, your family or your business total protection. You can feel assured that we adhere to the highest safety standards, and we won’t get in your way – we aim to cause an absolute minimum of disruption to you as we work if you are on the premises while the job is taking place.


Does NDIS cover cleaning?

We often receive the question “are the costs for your cleaning services covered by the NDIS?” from many of our customers. In summary – “Yes”. 

The more detailed answer to this should outline that the NDIS offers financial support depending on your individual circumstances. Generally speaking, the NDIS can provide financial assistance to individuals for house cleaning and other day-to-day living (such as car cleaning) and home maintenance services (like window cleaning, carpet cleaning and gardening).  

What type of cleaning does NDIS cover?

The type of cleaning covered under the NDIS is usually specific to your individual circumstances and your NDIS plan. The first point of contact should be either your NDIS support coordinator, plan manager, or the NDIS directly to confirm what cleaning services are covered.

The general rule applicable to tasks covered under the scheme is whether they are “reasonable or necessary” and “directly related to your disability”. Tasks such as general house cleaning and car cleaning may be covered under your plan if your disability makes it unreasonably difficult or impossible for you to complete the task. 

Broadly speaking, many of the NDIS cleaning services offered by Jim’s Cleaning Group may be eligible for coverage under various self-managed and NDIA-managed plans. Our services support one of the key core purposes of the NDIS – for improved daily living and assistance with daily life for scheme participants.

How can I find an NDIS cleaner?

Look no further than Jim’s Cleaning Group Services for an NDIS-approved cleaning service specifically tailored for people living with disabilities covered under the NDIS. Call us on 131 546  or request a free quote online today.

Jim’s Cleaning Group is proud to be a registered service provided under the NDIS, undergoing the required checks to be an approved provider. We ensure all our 800+ professional small business operators adhere to the quality and safety guidelines and regulations set by the NDIS. Our NDIS Cleaning Services provide you with the peace of mind that all our cleaners are police- and background-checked, fully trained and fully insured for 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For more information, the NDIS Government Website provides more info on how to connect with a registered provider under the NDIS.

How Can I Find a Cleaner Near Me?

We operate franchises in all states and territories of Australia. When you call us on 131 546 or contact us online, we will find out where you are and then put you through to the franchise in your area.

This is a great system because it means there is always a professional Jim’s cleaner who can reach you, wherever in Australia you are based.

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Another NDIS Sole Trader Initiative

Unfunded, unsponsored and UNREAL

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