A daughter's unswerving love — Sarah Holland-Batt and her father

21 August 2020

***A warning that some listeners may find elements of this conversation upsetting.

Sarah was raised on the Gold Coast, but surfing and sunbaking were not her thing.

She grew up as the only child of a father who loved books and learning. He took her on as a protégé, and the two shared a deep and loving bond.

When Sarah was eighteen her father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

The disease changed him, and he became competitive with the daughter he’d once celebrated.

Sarah and her mum cared for her dad at home for as long as they could, but eventually they needed to move him to a nursing home.

To their horror, they realised that inside that home, Sarah’s dad was being sadistically abused.

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Read Sarah’s poem, The Gurney

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