Make Disability Count Forum: Priority Policy Areas

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Make Disability Count 2020 State Election Virtual Forum: Priority Policy Areas

An inclusive Queensland is important for all Queenslanders.

Eight state-wide organisations are hosts of this forum to make sure disability counts in Queensland at this 2020 state election. These organisations include Queenslanders with Disability Network, ADA Australia hosting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Disability Network of Queensland, National Disability Services, Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, Community Services Industry Alliance, Queensland Advocacy Inc., Health Consumers Queensland and the Queensland Collective for Inclusive Education.

1 in 5 Queenslanders live with a disability. Collectively, our organisations are representative of the breadth of the Queensland disability, health, mental health and community services sectors and industry including people with disability and their families and share the common goal of building a more disability inclusive Queensland.

We have identified seven priority areas, which you will find outlined below or you can download a Word version here:

Make Disability Count: Priority Policy Areas

Our eight organisations are seeking political parties to commit to the key areas of:

  1. Independent individual and systemic advocacy

Commitment to continued investment in independent individual and system advocacy across disability, health and mental health for people with disability.

  1. Investment in frontline community services

Commitment to investment in community services to support vulnerable groups in the community to deliver mental wellbeing responses to support people who have been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and recovery going forward, with specific focus in regional, rural and remote communities.

  1. Disability leadership, governance and accountability across mainstream services

Commitment for next Queensland Government to

  • A dedicated Minister for Disability and Inclusion;
  • The establishment of a robust State Disability Plan across all Government portfolio that require each Department to publicly report on targets and outcomes to deliver inclusive, accessible, affordable, quality, safe services;
  • Monitor service and systems performance across mainstream services including housing, health, justice, disaster and emergency management, jobs, education, transport, and NDIS;
  • Implement the outcomes and recommendations of the Disability Royal Commission and subsequent Queensland and Commonwealth inquiries, including the Queensland Productivity Commission Inquiry, into the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
  1. Human Rights

Commitment to the retention of  the Human Rights Act Qld and the requisite funding and structure of the Human Rights Commission, including implementation monitoring and compliance across all government departments and public entities, as a means to uphold our obligations under the National Disability Strategy and continued development of an inclusive and civil society.

  1. Workforce

Commitment to grow, develop and maintain a skilled disability, community, health and mental health workforce to deliver quality services, particularly for vulnerable groups and job creation and job growth in these sectors.

  1. Sector capacity

Commitment to investment in disability, community services industry and sector peaks, including consumer peak bodies to continue to build capacity, resilience and well-being of the sector to respond to current and ongoing COVID-19 environment to be a thriving, strong sector that contributes to the economic outcomes of Queensland.

  1. Inclusive Education

Commitment to implement the 17 recommendations from the Deloitte Review of Education for Students with Disability in Queensland State Schools published in February 2017  and full compliance with Education Queensland’s Inclusive Education Policy be made mandatory for all state funded and operated schools, and sector capacity building for all staff as necessary and effective monitoring and reporting of implementation and outcomes.

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