The disability provider, the ex-minister and the government-fuelled gold rush

8 October 2020

The lucrative, government-fuelled world of specialised disability accommodation is becoming a new gold rush — and has advisers watching for conflicts of interest.

Michael Keenan (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Former federal cabinet minister Michael Keenan had barely left parliament last year when he walked into a new role in the lucrative business of specialised disability accommodation (SDA) — a burgeoning property development industry underwritten by federal government funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme and driven by federal policy incentives.

Keenan was hired as CEO of real estate developer Sana Living less than three months after leaving his role as human services minister in May, a move that raises questions about the ministerial code of conduct given his potential inside knowledge as a cabinet minister.

Keenan’s ministerial responsibilities touched on the NDIS: his department was part of a government taskforce on NDIS fraud.

Read on and decide: is Keenan in breach of government rules covering post-ministerial work?

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