12 charity Christmas gifts that give back

October 16, 2020

12 charity Christmas gifts that give back

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? We’ve got a bunch of ‘em that will bring a smile to not just your loved one’s face, but also someone doing it tough.

Christmas is a joyful time many of us spend surrounded by family and friends, over festive meals exchanging gifts. But 2020 has been a challenging year – even more so for Australians already experiencing hardship. The pandemic has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of people reaching out to the Salvos for help, many for the first time.

As Christmas approaches (too quickly some might say!), we have something to make your gift-shopping a little bit easier. If you’re still on the lookout for a special something for a loved one, our Christmas Wishes catalogue has a variety of unique options for every budget. Best of all – they will bring a smile to not just your loved one’s face, but also the person who benefits from it and needs it the most.

Our top Christmas gifts picks:

1. COVID care family hamper – $7
Help a family keep COVID-19 at bay with this hamper including sanitiser, face masks and wipes.

2. Escape kit for a mum and child – $15
Help a mum and her child escaping domestic violence with basic toiletries and other essentials.

3. Santa stocking for a child – $20
When mum and dad have next to nothing, Christmas stockings don’t get a look in. But you can make sure a boy or girl gets one stuffed with small gifts on Christmas morning.

4. Christmas Lunch – $29
Most of us take it for granted, but there are families all over Australia who go without a traditional Christmas lunch. Your gift will give an Aussie family a great feed with all the trimmings this Christmas.

5. Christmas pressie for a kid – $30
There’s a child out there wishing and wishing that Santa pays a visit on Christmas Eve. Your Wishes gift will help us provide a kid in need something they are wishing for this Christmas.

6. Christmas hamper – $35
Give a family that has lost everything because of COVID-19, a beautiful Christmas hamper brimming with all the treats and staples they’re wishing for this Christmas.

7. Santa Baby – $55
Give a struggling mum who’s just had a Christmas baby, a special hamper of baby goodies like bottles, nappies, bibs and wipes.

8. Wonderful Bundle – $195
Your Wonderful Bundle will deliver a selection of gifts from this Wishes catalogue to someone who needs it most. And you’ll receive a Wishes Card for each gift!

9. Domestic violence Impact gift – $250
Through this high impact gift, you can help provide a woman escaping domestic or family violence with 48 hours of safety.

10. Financial crisis Impact gift – $350
Through this high impact gift, you can help five families doing it tough this festive season with Christmas hampers that will bring joy.

11. Disadvantaged youth Impact gift – $500
Through this high impact gift, you can help provide a community meal for 50 people.

12. Give a mum and her child refuge for a week – $875
Make a difference to the life of a mum and her kid escaping violence by providing them a full week of safety in a Salvos refuge for women.

How it works

Choose the gift that you would like to buy and add to your cart. You can also choose printable cards or to have cards mailed. The Salvation Army will then ‘deliver the gift’ you have chosen and bought to those who need it most.

Please note – the last order date for physical cards is 10 December 2020.

Help us help those in need

Hardship is heartbreaking, difficult and isolating. As the devastating impact of drought, bushfires and COVID-19 continues to impact individuals, families and communities across Australia, your support through a gift or a donation can help bring a smile to faces who have been doing it tough for a while.

For even more gift ideas and options, have peek at our complete catalogue below.

Christmas Wishes catalogue

Salvation Army Direct Feed



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