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November 6, 2020

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QDeNgage are seeking people with disability living in North Queensland to participate in a focus group. The purpose of this group is to give feedback on a communication strategy that is being developed by consultancy group, The Social Deck.

The Social Deck have been funded by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to develop a communication and engagement strategy to help raise awareness and understanding of domestic and family violence in regard to people with disability. They have been consulting with people with disability, family and carers, and representatives of supports and services on this draft strategy.

The Social Deck would like to hear feedback from people with disability in North Queensland on some of their key messages and the ways they are looking to share these messages.

You do not have to have experienced domestic or family violence to be part of this consultation. This consultation is open to all QDN members from all genders.

Counselling support will be available following the consultation, if required.

How will the focus group be run?

There will be one meeting of this focus group. The meeting will take up to 2 hours, and will be facilitated by QDN and The Social Deck. There will be up to 8 people involved in this meeting.

Focus group members will receive $100 payment for each meeting.

Date and time

The meeting will be held online via Zoom videoconferencing.

Date: Monday 23rd November 2020

Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm

How to apply

If you are interested in being part of the focus group, please express your interest by responding to engage@qdn.org.au by 9am Thursday 12 November.

Not everyone may be selected, as we are seeking a range of people with different disability, genders and experiences.

In your email, please answer the following questions:

  1. Why would you like to be part of this consultation?
  2. Have you been part of a consultation or focus group before? (you do not have to have been part of a consultation or focus group to apply)

If you would like any further information or help with the expression of interest form contact Louise Abson, at QDN on 07 3252 8566 or email engage@qdn.org.au

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