How shonky providers are draining the accounts of people with disabilities

19 November 2020

The NDIS says it has zero tolerance for fraudulent disability providers, but a former investigator tells Inq that fraudulent claims are all too common.

Jay White in front of his home in Sydney’s west (Image: Supplied)

A homemade wooden ramp running alongside a barbed-wire fence leads to the two caravans Jay White calls home. It’s not an ideal living situation for anyone, let alone for someone in a wheelchair.

White has paid one company almost $5000 from his National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding to help him organise modifications to make his home more accessible. But nothing has been done.

When he complained, the company dropped him as a client — before draining nine weeks’ worth of funding from his NDIS account despite not providing any new services.

Read the full Inq investigation.

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