Introduction and Excuse me!

28 December 2020

Pardon me, while I get this social media enterprise working. It has taken me 12 months to get this far with this editorial labyrinth. My former pre Parkinson’s self would have had this whipped up in a week or two, reality changes ability, however I won’t let it kill my passion.

I have created 2 websites, created a number of facebook groups (with close to 2700 members), bought god knows how much in software licensing, bought and configured automation tools, created the branding and enduring and feeling every keystroke that hurts a little more than the last due to this morbidly restraining new neurological condition that seemingly binds around every muscle, bone and string of sinew this body and mind has at its disposal.

My mission and message will become clear over time as I let this story unfold, this is not a whinge fest nor a feel sorry for me campaign. This is an epic story: one that may save others from my mistakes and others from lack of guidance, and allow someone a the saving from hell I have had to endure.

Bare with me as this story slowly unfolds and the message explains the method.



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