Salvos publish second 12-month Bushfire Disaster Appeal Report

6 October 2022

Salvos publish second 12-month Bushfire Disaster Appeal Report

The Salvation Army Strategic and Disaster Management team is here to respond to the immediate needs of emergency workers and impacted communities during and in the aftermath of disasters and emergencies.

For information about bushfire recovery support, please contact our team on 1300 662 217.

The Black Summer bushfire disaster of 2019-2020 impacted so many lives and shocked the nation. The outpouring of support for The Salvation Army Bushfire Disaster Appeal that followed allowed Salvos to remain with communities long after the fires were extinguished. As recipients of donations and good faith from the Australian public and beyond, The Salvation Army has worked alongside those who were impacted by the fires from the early stages of recovery to the later stages of completing rebuilds and re-establishing lives.

Bushfire Disaster Appeal Report

Detailing our work in bushfire recovery between November 2020 to November 2021, The Salvation Army has released the 12-month Bushfire Disaster Appeal Report.

This report provides a comprehensive breakdown of how funds donated to the national Bushfire Disaster Appeal have been distributed to people in affected communities as they work to rebuild their homes and their lives. You can download and read the report below.

Strategic Emergency and Disaster Management General Manager Drew Ruthven says while most impacted residents needed support in 2020 and 2021, there were still people reaching out to The Salvation Army in the second year for the first time since the fires.

“We had 105 new clients receive help this year. Many had tried to go it alone but realised over time they needed help.”

In this report, you will read about how residents’ needs transitioned – from clearing land and preparing properties for planning, to rebuilding and refurnishing newly built homes. You’ll read personal accounts of recovery, where education grants have helped young people in affected areas resume their studies, and how the power of community initiated a septic tank project that allowed people to hygienically live on their properties while rebuilding.

As of 10 November 2021, $60.62m in direct financial assistance had been distributed by The Salvation Army to assist over 13,000 people impacted by the fires. Over 29,656 grants have been provided to those who experienced extreme hardship or loss of residence and we have also provided more than 8,559 Moneycare financial counselling sessions to help people and communities manage their money during recovery and beyond.

Supporting recovery has been a collective effort, as well as an ongoing journey, and we are grateful to all those who gave generously through donations, volunteering and compassion.

Download the full Disaster Appeal Report here

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