Contributing towards our mission

10 July 2023

Contributing towards our mission

The Salvation Army is committed to assisting individuals and families who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing social disadvantage.

Our key social and community service focus areas cover Homelessness, Family and Domestic Violence, Youth Services, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Strategic Emergency and Disaster Management (SEDM), and Community Services (material aid, community programs, financial inclusion, financial counselling and poverty alleviation).

Along with generous donations from individuals and corporate partners, our Mission Enterprises allow The Salvation Army to carry out our mission and meet the needs of those in our community.

Our mission serves the community

Many areas within The Salvation Army collaborate to serve the community so that we can provide support to those who need it most. Together, we are working towards a brighter future, from a physical, social, emotional and spiritual level:

  • Caring for people – we’re there when people need us most,
  • Creating faith pathways – we adopt a holistic approach that values spirituality,
  • Building healthy communities – we invest in relationships to promote mutual growth,
  • Working for justice – we work towards human dignity.

Mission Enterprises help to fund our services

Smiling Employment Plus worker and client

Everyone deserves a roof over their head, a stable future, dignity as they age and compassion when grieving. The Salvos walk alongside others, helping those in need.

Mission Enterprises, including Salvos Stores, Salvation Army Housing, Employment Plus, Aged Care, and Salvos Funerals, operate for the communities across Australia and, in turn, provide vital funding for our mission:

  • Salvos Stores recycle pre-loved goods, including clothing, that have been generously donated by the general public for an affordable price.
  • Salvation Army Housing is a community housing organisation, providing homes for individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, on low incomes, and people with specific support needs. As of 30 June 2022, we managed over 1700 properties across Australia, supporting over 3,100 people.
  • Employment Plus equips people with online training, writing a cover letter, personal presentation, interview skills, plus more. In 2021-22, we assisted over 55,700 job seekers to find employment.
  • Aged Care, operating since 1880, offers support across Australia with our residential aged care centres, retirement villages, a dedicated respite centre and Healthlink Allied Health clinic, along with home care services. In 2021-2022, we cared for 2620+ seniors in our residential Aged Care facilities.
  • Salvos Funerals supports people when they’ve lost a loved one, or when they are planning ahead. Since 2017, Salvos Funerals has served 2000+ families.

These services all contribute towards keeping our mission sustainable so that we can continue to help those in need.

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