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When a stranger on the train tells you your life isn't worth living

Sometimes when I’m out in public I can feel you staring. Some of you go quiet as I walk past. Some of you even talk about me when I’m in

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and written by Nas Campanella

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A Secret Australia: Why Julian Assange’s own country ignored him and WikiLeaks’ exposés

As a journalist, scholar and media reformer, I have been following the activities of WikiLeaks for over a decade, assessing the disrupting force of new radical platforms for disclosure. WikiLeaks is a crucial example of a digital platform that exposes the contradictions of the internet as a tool for openness …

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You might not like Scott Morrison’s daggy dad shtick, but it is paying off big time

It’s not often you get to see a prime minister’s feet. But there they were, splashed full-page in the Sunday Telegraph last weekend, a jacketed Scott Morrison standing in blue board shorts and white thongs, gazing at his phone. The snap that sparked debate over political propaganda. Photo: Facebook ‘ScoMo …

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e-Blast: Update on “Independent Assessments” 

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e-Blast: Update on “Independent Assessments”  This week, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) released new information on the federal government’s plan to introduce “Independent

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