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When Parkinson’s Escalates Confusion, I Use Emotion Management Tools

Every New Year’s Eve, I stay awake until the stroke of midnight. It is a tradition of mine. I use this moment every year to be thankful

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Alpha-Synuclein RNA Molecule May Help Tell Apart Parkinson’s, DLB

The levels of a specific RNA molecule that provides instructions to make the alpha-synuclein protein may help, at an early stage, to distinguish patients with Parkinson’s disease

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Plant Extract Shows Promise as Parkinson’s Therapy in Rodent Study

An extract from three plant species reduced signs of motor disturbances in rodent models of Parkinson’s disease and lessened the associated molecular defects of the cellular recycling

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Join our Leadership Circle and Help More People Live Well with Parkinson’s

Danny King (above, right, with Davis Phinney), a member of the Davis Phinney Foundation Leadership Circle, reflected on the time he met Davis 15 years ago and sa …


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