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30 Days of Parkinson’s: My Father Was My Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Jill Steffey Day 14 of 30 This is Jill Steffey’s story: My father was my inspiration for becoming a Rock Steady Boxing coach for people with Parkinson’s. My father died in June 2020 at home because of Parkinson’s. He was the best man in the world!...

How Mutated Parkin Protein Causes Form of Early Onset Parkinson’s Detailed

The parkin protein, whose mutated form is linked to certain cases of early onset Parkinson’s disease, protects neurons by lowering levels of potentially harmful oxidants, and by removing them from areas where they might do harm, a study reported. Exactly how...

Enzyme Triggers Parkin Protein to Quickly Clear Damaged Mitochondria, Study Finds

An enzyme called AMPK drives the clearance of damaged mitochondria, each cell’s energy source, by rapidly promoting the initial activation of the parkin protein — whose deficiency is linked to early onset, hereditary Parkinson’s disease, a study shows. Parkin, which...

Davis Phinney Foundation

Davis Phinney Foundation Foundation for Parkinson’sTue, 13 Apr 2021 14:48:07 +0000en-US hourly 1 Phinney Foundation 3232[WEBINAR RECORDING] HEALTH DISPARITIES AND PARKINSON’S: UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF TRUST Tue, 13 Apr …


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