Facts for my sister

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Location: Byon

Felicity, you judge me every turn in the negative, are literally the rudest and outright nastiest person to me I have ever encountered, your words to me a perpetually malicious and devisive.

There is a deep seated resentment of me not just towards me. You are causing me much hurt with your continual spinning or reinterpretation of what is actually true. What you said last night was dispicaable and will echo with me forever, like the day of the funeral, like the whispers I have been hearing about me, like the sms only conversations,

Not that I have to or should justify your “apology” with a response, but I will.

2016 remember my 50th birthday at Salvation Army sitting in a chair 2017 November: Mansfield 3 months, 7 Ultimo st, free rent, still homeless but with roof over head, living out of backpack.picked up from streets by a random stranger who felt sorry for me. We talked for hours at 2am, then he decided to put me in his car, and drive me to Mansfield. He is one of the few people who I have met that need to be sainted. And his wife who was also very welcoming. Free house and suplemented food.

I left one morning secretly, first bus out as I was being harassed and physically intimidated by another member of the house. I could barely walk, but made my escape with the scooter the saint had bought me for mobility. 2017 (I think), met dr Kotchet and took me off Siffrol. The curtain lifted and I could see and think clearly. I needed a plan to regenerate. 2017: left melb as I was in a refuge with a lot of undesirable people. Spent time in Sydney, with Daniel, again, couch surfing. He is the one who coaxed me out of melbourne. Ended up he was schizophrenic, I had put all my cards and hopes with one person and he was mad, again I felt hopeless. He walks way worse than me too with lymes disease. Another backpack I had though (they are very popular with petty thieves and I had had about 3 or 4 stolen over those years) 2018: back in northern rivers up to Proserpine, living out of black Mazda van with Chris and jack, selling Chris’s and jacks art out of van as evidenced by Facebook page “genuine Australian indiginous art” I would still call that homeless, and paintings sales were anywhere from 40 to 200 each, maybe two a week. Stayed at finch Hatton couch surfing for a while, road trips to Sydney for market sales (like Camberwell market) and Bathurst, same. These trips were thousands of kms long. Christmas was invited by elder and family for lunch.

Chris secured some work, and we managed to rent at an old resort without air conditioning near Proserpine for a few months. Nearest shops 25km or fuel 50km Applied for ndis here. Moved back to northern rivers, found a caravan in a friends backyard with a courtyard and building which had no windows or doors, this was substandard living at worst, let’s call it livining in the elements . Accepted in ndis, I had minimal clothing. Chris bought first limo for a song as a mate (Marty) needed to get rid of stock after the floods had ruined his business in 2017 ? It needed a lot of work. Chris and me hatched a plan, decided to setup a limousine tourist service.

The name “boomerang” came to us after days of thinking, then while both outside by fire, we looked at the vintage tv reception aerial on boot of limousine and saw that it looked like a boomerang. It was one of those moments where you just both go “yep” Also at this time, I came up with the idea about making Facebook groups to attract numbers. (I have dad to thank for that, paper world relied on many buyers, and I wanted a mechanism to replicate that market force of many buyers)

Enter the shuffles project, also with a view of helping the homeless who I had left behind in Melboirne and those unable to advocate for themselves.

Enter also; the Parkinson’s online support group, this helped me so much, realising I wasn’t the only one and I still had a voice. Company name: registered 2020, still homeless and living in mud in caravan in backyard.

Moved to lismore, found a room at back of mechanics garage (Tony) , I had to step over equipment to go to bed. Ndis first face to face interview, they came to me. They couldn’t believe what i was living in and saw a massive risk, I was unkempt and looked the part of a vagabond. One thing led to another, Chris is now an ndis support worker, and earning money from Ndis looking after me. For the first time, I am no longer technically homeless. He pays rent in goonellebah, whilst I do the books in return.

House is owned by freind of mechanic who gave us cheap rent. Noise however, from neighbours was unbearable (I am very sensitive to noise), and the ran motor bikes every day very loudly. Another freind offered me his room in byron, (late 2021) as he was moving to Sydney, and landlords saw me, and allowed me to move in. Chris pays the rent, I still do the books, Chris also moved into property but a smaller house (2022) Than the floods. Mechanics shop decimated, tony almost died, but that’s a digression from the purpose of this sms. The website has 2 paying customers at 10 a month atm. It has 400 odd registered users, 398 are free members. The work my end is tireless, I have spent most nights alot of them late to very light, building the site on a shoe string budget.

The Facebook groups are incredibly successful with membership increases of up to 100 per day. Please do not question my integrity again, these are the facts, and are not open to be discussed or challenged: Why you choose to focus on me is beyond my understanding. I have earned the right for my words to be accepted without questions . You do not have an assumed role trying to disprove them, like why would you.

Your language and what you have said to me will not go away with a flippant apology. Your interrogation of my life is beyond unhealthy.