Hello is there anybody in there?

Hello is there anybody in there?

A cute little girl in a Frozen costume, her brother also wearing a frozen costume with Grandad and Grandma beaming brightly in the  front yard. They are all smiling and happy, the grandma is a recognisable Stafford identity. The group is obviously enjoying Halloween in Stafford, Trick or Treating in a neighbourhood where it is not really done. For the last 25 years it has been an older persons area, we were the young family. Years ago when my kids wanted to do Trick or Treating, I gave a warning to the elderly ladies around the corner, and a sneaky packet of wrapped lollies also.


Driving into downtown Vancouver the taxi driver tells us the the properties are worth millions 
Arrived at our hotel, Rosdale on Robson in Vancouver Canada at 8am after a flight of over 13 hours from Brisbane, Australia. Our suite was ready and sooooo comfortable.


Yesterday, the Board of Parkinsons Queensland Inc, of which I am a member, spent the day developing a practical and achievable strategic plan for PQI in 2016 and beyond.  New and enhanced learnings and understandings about PQI and the big picture were gained. The challenges and opportunities both internal and external were identified and discussed

Sometimes things don't go as planned

Last week, some of the radio shows on radioparkies.com could not be broadcast as there was something happening that was out of our control. The best efforts were made by our technical team to get the shows out, but to no avail. So what did I do? I had the night off!!