Dig it Up

Dig it Up

Growing up in the ’70s in Brisbane, Australia in the backyard we had: a vegetable patch, compost heap, an incinerator and of course, a Hills Hoist.  It was a place to play backyard cricket, do gymnastics  or at least headstands, plant vegetable gardens and grow things like choko vines, Passionfruit, Paw Paws and Bowen Mangoes if you were lucky. My Parents love gardening,  when we were young, Mum  and Dad planted the front garden with annuals and roses, making a beautiful display outside and inside the house bunches of cut flowers were plentiful.


Driving into downtown Vancouver the taxi driver tells us the the properties are worth millions 
Arrived at our hotel, Rosdale on Robson in Vancouver Canada at 8am after a flight of over 13 hours from Brisbane, Australia. Our suite was ready and sooooo comfortable.

On being fabulous

Sometimes I just can’t help it, I’m fabulous! Other times I’m just me…..
This week I’ve been spectacular in a few ways…..I have indeed
– taken brisk morning walks
– organised support group meetings for which I will not be present because I’ve double booked
– started a paper diary to keep it all together
– produced two fantastic radio shows from my own home
– started my poster for the WPC poster displays
– planned the borders for a quilt
– talked with great people around the world

Life is full of surprises

irds……hold a fascination, effortlessly flying through the air, gliding over water, perching on small branches, their heads moving to enquire. Light hopping movements or striding with pride investigating and always searching for sustenance, nesting materials, safety with birdsong sweet, loud and vibrant.