Sometimes things don't go as planned

Last week, some of the radio shows on could not be broadcast as there was something happening that was out of our control. The best efforts were made by our technical team to get the shows out, but to no avail. So what did I do? I had the night off!!

Life is full of surprises

irds……hold a fascination, effortlessly flying through the air, gliding over water, perching on small branches, their heads moving to enquire. Light hopping movements or striding with pride investigating and always searching for sustenance, nesting materials, safety with birdsong sweet, loud and vibrant.

Sing a happy song

Music can take you anywhere and show tunes definitely make me feel happy, except for those annoying ones. Can’t think of any annoying show tunes at the moment, my head is full of happy songs and the verve of the music I’ve been listening to whilst preparing for the Wednesday radio show.